Planar researchers describe the cosmology of the planes beyond Aevarre’s material realm as being similar to that of a nucleus, with the Inner Planes grouped into a central Core and the Outer Planes floating around them, loosely suspended in the Astral Sea.

The Core

Within the Core lies the so-called Inner Planes, with the Material Plane at its very centre. The Shadow Plane exists on the flipside of the Material, appearing like a warped reflection of the physical realm opposite it. Lying within the hearts of the Material and Shadow respectively rest the Positive and Negative Energy Planes, curled around each other like a swirling yin-yang orb. Surrounding the Material and Shadow Planes is the Ethereal, a misty, vaporous Plane that buffers the physical realm from the howling chaos of the Elemental Planes that swirl around the exterior of the Core.

The Inner Planes include:

  • Material Plane
  • Shadow Plane
  • Ethereal Plane
  • Negative Energy Plane
  • Positive Energy Plane
  • Plane of Fire
  • Plane of Air
  • Plane of Water
  • Plane of Earth

The Astral Sea

Beyond the Core stretches out the infinite Astral Sea, like a vast silvery ocean in which all the Outer Planes are suspended. The Astral Plane makes up the waters of the Astral Sea, and within it snakes the Soul Currents, river-like branches that ferry the dead souls of mortal kind to their place of final rest – Sheol. The locations of all other Outer Planes slowly change as they float through the Astral Sea.

The Outer Planes include:

  • Astral Plane
  • Heaven, the Seven Peaks of Enlightenment (LG)
  • Nirvana, the Eternal Paradise (NG)
  • Elysium, the Blessed Wilderness (CG)
  • Axis, the Unyielding Law (LN)
  • Sheol, the Silent Realm (TN)
  • The Maelstrom, the Churning Expanse (CN)
  • Hell, the Nine Circles of Torment (LE)
  • Abaddon, the Nadir of Hatred (NE)
  • The Abyss, the Malignant Chaos (CE)


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