House Rules


  • Encumbrance is not tracked, except in situations where it becomes silly (i.e., when you’re trying to carry a gigantic boulder in your backpack, or if you purchase 9001 fish hooks).
  • Ammunition, rations, and other miscellaneous items are tracked only when necessary (i.e., if you are lost in the wilderness, they will be; but on a day-to-day basis, it will be assumed you can easily restock).
  • Experience is not tracked. Characters will level up at appropriate points according to the adventures they have had.


  • Rangers will use the Revised Ranger from Unearthed Arcana.

Magic Items

  • A small amount of magical items can be purchased, but there are no “magic markets”; players will need to locate sources of magical items in-game.
  • Magic item crafting will require research, quests, discovery of rare ingredients, and challenges to complete, as well as time spent performing the enchantments, etc.


  • Any class, race, or background features granting the language “Primordial” must instead pick one of the four dialects within it to learn: Aquan, Auran, Ignan, or Terran.
  • Note that “Dark Speech” is known as “Aklo” in this world.

House Rules

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