Days of the Week

Moonday: Generally a work day with some religions holding ceremonies at night.
Toilday: A work day.
Wealday: A work day.
Oathday: A work day on which it is often considered advantageous to sign contracts and oaths.
Fireday: A work day that is most often the market day.
Starday: A work day.
Sunday: Generally a day of rest and one devoted to religious observances.

Months of the Year

Month Days Season+
Malloran 31 days Winter
Sabrath 28 days Winter
Elysanil 31 days Spring
Sereth 30 days Spring
Kayembus 31 days Spring
Caemirus 30 days Summer
Danellus 31 days Summer
Baerost 31 days Summer
Aurelus 30 days Autumn
Radroval 31 days Autumn
Ilmand 30 days Autumn
Otherun 31 days Winter

+ For the northern hemisphere.


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