From the common farmer or tradesperson to the most devout of theologians, worship of the divine beings that live beyond the material plane is a common thread that connects the peoples of Aevarre and shapes their lives and histories. Aevarrians hold religion close to their hearts as a way of making sense of the world they live in… or to wield the power of the divine in their efforts to shape their own destinies.

The deities of Aevarre are still strongly connected to naturalistic roots, such as seasons, weather patterns, or biomes. Some religious scholars hypothesise that this is evidence of a natural progression of human culture from animism to divine worship, while others point out the arrogance of assuming that the gods would fall into line with human belief systems rather than the other way around.

Deities of Aevarre

Deity AL Areas of Concern
Aurelin NG Goddess of autumn, agriculture, invention, and planning
Baeron LG God of stone, community, protection, and defense
Caemira TN Goddess of the ocean, exploration, discovery, and fortune
Caradoc NE God of darkness, murder, secrets, and betrayal
Dannelor CG God of summer, strength, competition, and revelry
Elysana NG Goddess of spring, birth, family, and growth
Gharrak LE God of fire, wrath, war, and conquest
Ilmandra NE Goddess of decay, undeath, physical beauty, and envy
Kayemba LN Goddess of the sun, history, law, and rulership
Lyr TN Deity of the stars, magic, art, and music
Mallorix LE Goddess of frost, obedience, strategy, and tyranny
Morrawyn LG Goddess of souls, ancestors, legends, and truth
Otheiros LN God of winter, time, death, and reincarnation
Radrovan CN God of the moon, knowledge, dreams, and madness
Rajal TN God of deserts, trade, diplomacy, and avarice
Sabrathiel NG God of light, love, healing, and redemption
Seren CG Goddess of the sky, liberation, bravery, and experience
Tiacoatli CN Goddess of storms, battle, change, and transformation
Tzolak CE God of plagues, disease, destruction, and disaster
Varathkaaz CE Deity of the underground, monsters, corruption, and poison
Zophirum NE God of electricity, clockwork, industry, and toil


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